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What is God?
  This richly intellectual play about the existential ideas of a young man in the 17th century stimulates all sorts of curiosities about the most fundamental questions facing humanity. These questions have been at the center of academic argument for thousands of years. They have sparked debate, great philosophical discussion and, unfortunately, have been the catalyst of many a war

What nobler purpose for the stage than to explore such themes. Only in the theatre can we take such wide expanses of thought and bring them down to the most basic responses of the human heart.

We are honoured to bring you this riveting courtroom drama by David Ives. Some shows leave audiences humming a tune on their way out of the theatre. We know the hum you feel as the lights fall on New Jerusalem will be a deeper vibration: the mental buzz that lingers after a wave of multi-layered, emotional thinking.

We know you'll love this experience.

Avery Saltzman and David Eisner
Co-Artistic Directors
Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company
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