Rosalie & Isadore Sharp Present


November 2-10, 2024

The Greenwin Theatre
Meridian Arts Centre
Written by
Lindsay Joelle

Directed by
Mitchel Cushman

Jake Epstein

Zalmy lives a double life. By day, he drives a Chabad "Mitzvah Tank" through 1990's New York City, performing good deeds with his best friend Shmuel. By night, he sneaks out of his orthodox community to roller-skate and listen to rock and roll. But when a curious outsider offers him unfettered access to the secular world, is it worth jeopardizing everything he's ever known? This road-trip bromance is a funny and heartwarming ode to the turbulence of youth, the universal suspicion that we don't quite fit in, and the faith and friends that see us through.

"This award-winning play brought laughs, gasps and tears to a captivated audience."
Jewish Journal
"In a world where anti-Semitism is again on the rise, where synagogues are targeted by vandals and terrorists, Trayf is a bulwark against the ignorance that contributes to such acts."
Broadway World Boston

Show Times

Individual tickets will go on sale August 1, 2024.

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