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Wakka Wakka Productions
and The Nordland Visual Theatre

November 5 - 16, 2014
The George Weston Recital Hall
Toronto Centre for the Arts
5040 Yonge Street

Brought to you by: Sara Schwartz Geller Productions in association with Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company

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The Show

Fabrik is based on the harrowing true story of Moritz Rabinowitz who fled to Norway as a child during the Jewish exodus from pogrom-plagued Poland. We meet this quirky character at the end of World War I. A husband and father who has risen from poverty, he becomes one of Norway's leading men's clothing manufacturers and an outspoken and courageous denouncer of the rising tide of anti-Semitism. This play is magical, transporting audiences with its exquisite puppetry and music. Both delightful and haunting - truly an amazing theatrical experience.

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Show Times

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Press Review

"Powerfully affecting ...Seamless…consistently startling…[it] will haunt you."

- New York Times

"The puppetry of New York's experimental Wakka Wakka ensemble is as delightful as it can be breathtakingly beautiful. That alone is reason enough to rush [to see it]…"

- San Francisco Chronicle

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Photo Gallery

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