Exposure of Israeli Culture

By Virtue of the Same Movement

A movement performance combining visual images and sound

Monday, April 12, 2021 at 7:30 PM

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By Mica Kupfer

Power is a raw material, a driving force. It creates and destroys, gives and takes, expands and deflates, a vital condition for existence. New realms emerge through actions that blur the lines between body, material, beauty, violence, and humor. Within the body's persistent resemblance to a sculpture and its downfall, the performance journeys through construction and dismantling, reality and refutation, abstract and concrete.

Premiering at the Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theatre (2019), and winning the awards for Best Performance, Best Director-Creator, Best Music and Sound Design, and Best Set Design.

This event is FREE to enjoy.

Running time: 53 minutes.

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