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Written by:
Hannah Moscovitch
  Directed by:
Alisa Palmer
Kelli Fox, Peter Hutt, Amy Rutherford
and four extraordinary youth.
A Co-Production with:
The Tarragon Theatre



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Mamaloshen Circumcise Me The Children's Republic Conversations on the Green

The Show

Canadian Playwright Hannah Moscovitch relays a heartfelt and inspirational tale of Dr. Janusz Korczak's selfless journey to bring safety to Polish-Jewish orphans within the Warsaw Ghetto. His struggle to advocate children's rights and shelter his orphans from the horrors of the war ended with his death in 1942. A powerful and true story of beauty, heroism and legacy in a world devoid of freedom and even the necessities of life.

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Show Times
Individual tickets will be available August 1.
If you are interested in a Season Subscription please call 416.366.7723.

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Press Review

The Children's Republic is the best Canadian play in a long time
– Robert Cushman,
The National Post
4.5/5 Stars
Hutt is in top form, Kelli Fox amazes, Performances of the 4 young people make The Children's Republic soar
– John Coulbourne, The Toronto Sun
"Peter Hutt does a wondrous job as Korczak… The man is marvellous"
-The Toronto Star
"3/4 Stars! The Children's Republic provides a stirring story"
-The Globe and Mail
"The four young people are all extraordinary, acting with grace and restraint beyond their years"
-The Toronto Star
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The People have Spoken

Coming as soon as the reviews are in!
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Photo Gallery

background: Elliot Larson, foreground: Peter Hutt Elliot Larson, Peter Hutt Mark Correia, Katie Frances Cohen, Elliot Larson
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