Toby Feldberg & Family Present

Estelle Singerman
Summer Night, with Unicorn

June 7-15, 2025

The Greenwin Theatre
Meridian Arts Centre
Written by
David Rush

Directed by
David Ferry

In the tradition of old Hasidic folktales and awash in magical realism and comic elements, Estelle Singerman recounts the relationship between an eccentric, isolated older woman and an equally alone, emotionally disenfranchised middle-aged man named Warren. Foreseeing her imminent death, Estelle searches for someone to say Kaddish for her and decides that Warren is the one. They form an odd duo on an overnight journey through a Chagal-like surreal Chicago where they meet the angel of death in the form of a unicorn and a talking giraffe. By the time the sun comes up, both Estelle and Warren have found faith and peace.

Winner of the Jewish Plays Project

Show Times

Individual tickets will go on sale August 1, 2024.

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